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Become debt free!

Debt advice in Scotland.

Trust Deed Ltd. is a debt solution firm owned & based in Glasgow who help residents of Scotland with government legislation that can allow them do the following:

  • Write off all unsecured unaffordable debts
  • Be debt free within 48 months
  • Lift unaffordable wage arrestments/attachment of earnings
  • Stop creditors contacting you
  • Protect your home & car
  • No set up fees.

We will help you to get debt-free. Free advice about Scottish Protected Trust Deed you will get by contacting Trust Deed via form or phone call. Don't let creditors to hassle you and be calm, there is solution for any money problem.



You can call us anytime you want, you will not wait to get advice, you will get debt advice straightaway! No queues, professional advice!


Let us help to solve your money problems. For free we will help you to get debt-free, write off unaffordable debts (including unsecured debts, loans).


Our Insolvency Practitioners are licensed to carry out a Scottish Protected Trust Deed, are regulated by law and are members of an approved governing body.


Make an legislated agreement between you and creditors! Stop them chasing you. Sleep without worries.

Debt example

A Scottish Protected Example
Bank loan - £270
Credit Card 1 - £133
Credit Card 2 - £67
Overdraft fees - £25
Total debt level = £27645
Current monthly debt payments = £495

Trust Deed payment over 48 months = £182

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Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

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What you must know!

Your questions answered

How does Trust Deed work?

  • Can write off all unaffordable debts
  • Lifts any wage arrestments/attachment of earnings/arrestment of bank accounts
  • Stops creditors contacting & hassling you
  • Stops creditors taking legal action against you
  • Makes one affordable monthly payment out of many debts
  • Freezes all interest & charges
  • Could reduce your monthly outgoings
  • Gives you peace of mind since you know when you will be debt free
  • Allows you to keep your car depending on your circumstances, depending on value/finance
  • Can affect your credit file
  • Stops you to take out more debt while in the Trust Deed
  • Only unsecured debts are covered
  • Your Trust Deed will be registered in –
  • You may have to change bank
  • All assets will be considered

What is a Scottish Protected Trust Deed?

A Scottish Protected Trust Deed is a voluntary agreement between you and the people you owe money to who are unsecured (not secured on an asset i.e. house/car) to pay them back an affordable amount over a set period of time. In order to do a Scottish Protected Trust Deed your debts must out way your assets or else they would be used to pay off your debt. Your disposable income will be used to contribute toward the Scottish Protected Trust Deed over a set period of time; this is usually 48 months but can vary.

What are the consequences of signing a trust deed?

When going through the process for a Scottish Protected Trust Deed our Insolvency Practitioner will make sure they give all options & alternatives available to you such as:

  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (see below)
  • Sequestration (see below)

Our Insolvency Practitioners will also give you a copy of the Scottish Government's Debt Advice and Information Package. A Scottish Protected Trust Deed can affect your credit rating and can prevent you from doing some forms of employment. There are fees included in your Scottish Protected Trust Deed & your trustee will make you aware of these as they are built into your monthly payments.

What happens to my debts?

All going well in terms of cooperation your trustee with send you a letter of discharge once the Scottish Protected Trust Deed has ended. A will also be sent to the Accountant in Bankruptcy and your discharge will be recorded in the Register of Insolvencies. When you are discharged from a Scottish Protected Trust Deed, you will be discharged from any unsecured debts that were involved when signing your Trust Deed. This means that your creditors are no longer allowed to pursue money that was owed to them when you signed the Scottish Protected Trust Deed. A Scottish Protected Trust Deed does not discharge you from the following kinds of debt:

  • Fines, penalties, compensation and forfeiture orders imposed by any court;
  • Any liability due to fraud;
  • Any obligation to pay aliment;
  • Student loans(SAAS); and
  • Money owed to someone who holds a security on your property, such as a mortgage or secured loan.

Other debt solutions

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

What is DAS?
Was introduced by the Scottish Government in 2004 to help people in Scotland consolidate more than one debt into one plan paying what is affordable until the debt is completely paid off.

  • Pay what is affordable
  • Freeze interest & charges
  • Protect assets
  • A DAS is not Bankruptcy/Sequestration
  • Creditors must agree to the DAS
  • You are able to do a joint does
  • Stop all contact from creditors
  • Stop further action from the creditors

Sequestration (Bankruptcy)

What is Sequestration?
Sequestration is the Scottish form of Bankruptcy where you will pay your disposable income to an Insolvency Practitioner for period of 36 months.

  • Pay what is affordable
  • Write off all unsecured debts
  • Lift wage arrestments/attachments of earnings/arrestment of bank account
  • Stop all contact from your creditors
  • Stop action from your creditors
  • Pay what is affordable for 36 months
  • Keep any assets under £3000
  • A default will go on your credit file for a six year period
  • It costs £200 to register for Sequestration through the AIB
  • Any assets will be sold towards the Sequestration

No more debts!

Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

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Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

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We don't pass your details to third party companies. All your data is protected. We do care about you, please check our privacy policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

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Debt advice Scotland is a debt solutions firm based in Glasgow aiming to help residents of Scotland who are struggling with debt. Company's goal is to help people and to provide the best quality of service. can help people with a variety of options such as:

  • Scottish Protected Trust Deed
  • Debt Arrangements Scheme(DAS)
  • Sequestration (bankruptcy)
  • Full & Final Settlement
  • other financial products including:
    • Mis-sold Payment Protection insurance(PPI)
    • Frozen Pension Advice/Life Insurance/Building
    • Content Insurance. can help in a number of situations such as:

  • Wage Arrestments
  • Attachment of Earnings
  • Arrestment of Bank Account
  • Sheriff Officers
  • House Repossessions
  • Creditors harrasing you.
The aim of is to ensure we protect what matters to you! Keep your home/car & have peace of mind that your debt is taken care of,
Our Insolvency Practitioners are licensed to carry out a Scottish Protected Trust Deed, are regulated by law and are members of an approved governing body. Creditors must agree to the Scottish Protected Trust Deed.

Trust-Deed LTD | Suite 307, Pentagon Centre
36 Washington Street,
Glasgow, G3 8AZ

Company CCL number: 637244 | Registered in Scotland: SC47076

We are open on following hours:
Monday-Friday 12:00-20:00,
Saturday and Sunday closed.

You can also call us on phone number provided below:

Office number
0141 3742 404

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Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

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Debt advice Scotland

Complaint procedure

Debt advice, debt help. Trust Deed Ltd. Mobile version.

Complaint procedure

We believe your satisfaction is the most important. We are very sad if we don't meet your requirements. We do care about you and we want to make sure you will be happy with our service.

If you are not fully satisfied with our service, please let us know. We will improve for you and thanks to you. We always want to make sure we provide the best possible quality.

Please use our contact form above choosing option Complaint and please give us details about your complaint. We want to make sure your complaint will be resolved without unnecessary delay.

What happens when you start complaint procedure:

  1. we save your complaint
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